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AI Series

  • Monday, 1st - Monday, 15th July 2024
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AI is a transformative technology with the potential to significantly disrupt the entrepreneurship support space. There are a significant number of AI solutions already that safe time and add quality to your work, with no doubt more to come. In this series of 3 webinars on AI we will explore and seek to gain a greater understanding of available AI tools, understanding what the are most relevant AI tools for YBI Members to consider, how members can adopt and use AI, and exploring how we can support young entrepreneurs to use AI in their business endeavours.  

 The webinars will be facilitated by AI mainstreaming consultant Maarten Mulder. 

Upon enrolment, YBI will conduct a quick survey with members to assess AI adoption and member AI attitudes and ambitions. This will inform the Webinar series content and survey insights will be shared. We will also highlight real member examples of AI usage and deployment. 

Each webinar has a particular focus and will be shaped in response to the survey that members are required to complete: 

Webinar 1: Industry overview and introduction to generative AI 

01.07.2024 @ 1pm GMT 

What is generative AI? What are the most common generative AI tools currently being used? How can generative AI tools be effectively used in a work environment now and in the future? These are some of the core questions that the first AI webinar will cover. You will gain a greater understanding of the most common tools being used and their strengths and weaknesses. This webinar will also cover the core skills needed to effectively use generative AI tools, key terminologies and their definitions, and costs and pricing plans. 

Webinar 2: Applying AI within your organization 

08.07.2024 @ 1pm GMT 

The core focus of this webinar is on how can members deploy AI within their organizations to better support entrepreneurs and improve / enhance operations. The level of AI adoption across the YBI Member Network will vary and we will highlight different case studies and examples of how members are successfully deploying AI across their operations. You will get to hear from members directly as they share their learnings insights and challenges. Whether you are at the early stages of exploring AI, or if you are already deploying AI tools, this webinar will help you to understand what other members are doing and how they are deploying / experimenting with AI. 

Webinar 3: Supporting entrepreneurs in applying AI 

15.07.2024 @ 1pm GMT 

AI can provide significant advantages for young entrepreneurs. AI can support entrepreneurs across their development journey, from start-up to scale-up. AI tools can stimulate creativity and resilience, support in accessing information and learning new skills, improve decision-making, automate repetitive tasks, support data analysis among other things. This webinar will explore how members can support entrepreneurs with AI adoption. We will showcase real case studies where members are training entrepreneurs to use AI tools and explore the opportunities and challenges. 

Who is the training for? 

The training is aimed at programme managers, trainers, coaches, and mentors who work directly with young entrepreneurs and wish to bring content on AI to them. 

How to enrol? 

You can enrol into this series via the YBI Learning Portal. If you do not have access to the YBI Learning Portal, please request enrolment by emailing: [email protected] where access to this series will be arranged. 

Meet Maarten, our AI expert: 

YBI have collaboration with Maarten Mulder (An AI consultant) to develop this webinar series. In early 2023, inspired by ChatGPT, Maarten launched his consultancy to help organizations integrate AI tools, enhancing efficiency and work quality. Over the previous five years, Maarten developed his consulting skills at a consultancy firm, leading fundraising and impact initiatives. Before that, he worked for over a decade in the public and third second. Outside of professional life, Maarten loves sports, is a devoted yogi, and can talk for hours about the mystery of consciousness.