Category: Completed Initiative

2015 – 2020: Youth Business Europe

Youth Business Europe In 2015, Youth Business International and Citi Foundation launched Youth Business Europe, a five-year regional programme to support young people to start, grow and sustain their business. Through this partnership, we worked with the Citi Foundation to tackle youth unemployment and drive sustainable economic growth across Europe. Programme overview The programme was designed to increase […]

2013 – 2019: Youth Entrepreneurship Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean

Supporting over 60,000 young people The programme worked over six years (2013 – 2019) supporting disadvantaged young entrepreneurs, creating new jobs and shaping the local economy. In the process, YEP built a vibrant regional network which is well-positioned to reach and support many more youth in years 

2018 – 2021: High Flyers Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

YBI’s regional programme aimed at helping underserved young people in Uganda to scale sustainable businesses, creating jobs and strengthening local communities.

2017 – 2020: M-UP: The Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow

In 2017, Youth Business International (YBI), supported by the European Union’s COSME programme, co-founded the M-UP programme. The three-year project brought together key players in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support to share best practices, deliver new solutions and better support migrants to scale their businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. Programme overview YBI is a […]

2019 – 2022: Accelerating Youth-led Businesses in the Digital Era

Accelerating Youth-led Businesses in the Digital Era In 2019, Youth Business International (YBI)  launched a regional programme funded by IKEA Foundation to equip young people in India and Bangladesh with the entrepreneurship skills they need to build and sustain thriving businesses, create jobs and boost local economies. Over three years, the programme has: Programme overview Millions of […]

2020-2022: COVID-19 Rapid Response and Recovery Programme supported by

YBI’s emergency response programme to support micro, small and medium businesses in 32 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific through the COVID-19 crisis.

2021 – 2022: SOS Mentoring to save youth-run businesses in the face of COVID-19

YBI’s volunteer engagement programme with the Enel Group to support struggling youth-led small businesses in Chile, Colombia, Greece, Italy, Peru, and Spain through one-to-one mentoring.

2022 – 2024: Tackling economic inequality with Standard Chartered Foundation

YBI’s emergency support programme to support young entrepreneurs in eight countries across Africa, Asia and Europe through the COVID-19 crisis.