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YBI works with companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for underserved young entrepreneurs on a global scale.

YBI brings together members, partners and supporters with aligned goals to create change for young entrepreneurs at speed and at scale. We do this by drawing on the unique ability of the network to learn, innovate and share the diverse expertise and knowledge that make our members effective individually and powerful collectively.

For more information about how to partner with us, please contact our Development Team at [email protected].


Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to:

Create impact

Work with us to co-develop programmes in line with your organisational priorities and values that support young entrepreneurs locally, regionally and globally.

Promote employee engagement

Partnering with YBI offers a range of tailored opportunities for your employees to share their expertise and develop their skills by supporting our members or engaging directly with young entrepreneurs.

Access data from diverse contexts

YBI has rich data and insights from over 50 countries. By becoming a partner you can access this data and insights and help us build the robust evidence needed to improve practice globally.

Engage with like minds

Expand your profile and broaden your perspectives through the many formal and informal opportunities the network offers to convene leading experts, specialists and supporters in the youth entrepreneurship field.

Each partnership with YBI is unique and built around shared priorities that contribute towards our goal of helping young people across the world achieve their entrepreneurial potential.

I am an organisation interested in making an impact & creating shared value

Partners are critical to our success in improving the lives of underserved young entrepreneurs to access the support they need to start and grow their business, helping them to create jobs, build communities, transform lives and create lasting change. Whether through a grant, an employee engagement effort, or other initiative, we work together with corporates, governments, international development agencies and charitable foundations to help scale our impact, while meeting our shared value goals.

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I am a philanthropist interested in supporting YBI

Significant donations are crucial to our work supporting underserved young entrepreneurs. By working together we can provide access to the support they need to start and grow their business, helping them to create jobs, build communities, transform lives and create lasting change. If you are an individual philanthropist or looking to make a family donation, we would be delighted to discuss how your investment in our work could impact the lives of young entrepreneurs and their communities.

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Bo Ghiradelli CEO Youth Business USA

““The YBI network has provided invaluable support in the launch and growth of Youth Business USA. From the highly skilled support of their team to the ‘matchmaker’ role that YBI played in connecting us with Accenture – we are very grateful to YBI and to be a part of this impactful network of organisations with shared missions.””

Maritza Vela Project Specialist Inter-American Development Bank

““IDB Lab turned to YBI to co-design our regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program that is significantly increasing the number of young people who improve their lives by starting or growing their own businesses across eleven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. To date YBI and IDB Lab together have supported more than 41,000 young people to start or grow their own business. We appreciate YBI’s commitment to promoting innovation and learning across their network.””

Zdenek Turek Europe Cluster Head and CEO Citibank Europe Plc

““Investing in today’s youth is critical to the health of society and the economy. Targeted programs like Youth Business Europe have helped young people to develop new businesses that have positively contributed to economic growth and social wellbeing. In these more than three years of partnership we supported more than 13,000 young people creating more than 3000 jobs; over 3,500 youth-led businesses have been started or strengthened; and over 1,000 young entrepreneurs have been provided with business mentoring. Our partnership with YBI, under our Pathways to Progress initiative, will continue to build on our achievements and set more young people on a sustainable economic path.””

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