YBI expands its reach with new Palestinian members

Youth Business International (YBI) announces the expansion of its network with the introduction of two new members in Palestine. The additions increase the network reach to 51 organisations in 48 countries worldwide.  

The newest members of the YBI network are: 

Palestinian Consultative Staff (PCS)

Palestinian Consultative Staff for developing NGOs (PCS) is an independent, civic and non-governmental organisation founded in 2005. PCS aims to develop and empower the Palestinian community towards promoting democracy, social equity, sustainable development, and respect for Law and basic human rights. PCS provides its services without any discrimination based on religion, gender, or race. 

PCS serves as a platform bringing together Palestinian NGOs in West Bank and Gaza, including in its membership more than 60 Palestinian CBOs and DPOs in that work, in human, social and development fields. PCS has programmes in three main areas:  

  1. Capacity Building for CBOs and NGOs
  2. Human rights, Democracy and Rule of Law
  3. Economic Empowerment 

In 2015, under the heading of Economic Empowerment PCS co-founded and registered an incubator, IDEA, as a non-profit company, serving as the first business incubator in Jenin. Participants in IDEA receive the following support: Training, coaching, networking opportunities, business development services, seed financing, technical and logistical support. 

“Joining this network provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and resources at the international level which will enable PCS to develop the quality of business development services for youth and increasing the ability of PCS in enabling the entrepreneurial environment in Palestine.”  –  Arein Abu Alrob (Incubation Unit Manager at PCS)

Learn more about PCS

Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN)

FATEN is Palestine’s largest microfinance institute. With 38 branches covering both West Bank and Gaza, FATEN provides diverse financial and non-financial services to empower low-income Palestinians, with a particular focus on building and growing startups. FATEN’s services are designed to drive social outcomes as it believes in “helping people to help themselves”. 

Since 1999, FATEN has supported more than 40,000 beneficiaries and of these 20,000 are youth and 11,000 are women. FATEN has an active portfolio worth $100million. 

Learn more about FATEN

Lucy Wray, Head of Network Members at YBI, said of the expansion: 

“Based in different regions of West Bank with each offering diverse activities for supporting youth entrepreneurship, and also considering the huge need that exists within this context, we are confident that these two members will complement each other’s efforts whilst helping YBI to continue building its presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).” 

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